Electro-Voice ZX4

รหัส : Electro-Voice ZX4     

Electro-Voice ZX4     

ลำโพง 400-W,15-inch two-way full-range loudspeakers     

ราคา 51,480 บาท
Perfect for portable mains and monitors
EVS15-SF woofer
1.25-inch DH3/2010A titanium HF driver
Passive crossover
90º x 50º coverage horn
High sensitivity, 132 dB maximum SPL
Power handling: 400 W continuous, 1600 W peak
Lightweight high-impact polypropylene enclosure
Wedge shape for monitors at 45º or 55º 
Integrated pole mount adapter and pocket handle
Mounting via attachment plates or eyebolts
Black finish
Chassis Size 381 mm (15")
Color Black
Input Connections Parallel Neutrik® NL4
Speaker Type Full-range, Mid-High, Two-Way, Wedges
Frequency Response (-3 dB) 60 - 20000 Hz
Frequency Response (-10 dB) 42 - 20000 Hz
Internal Crossover Yes
Recommended High-Pass Frequency 42 Hz
Sensitivity 1 W/1 m 100 dB
Max. SPL/1m (calc) 132 dB
Coverage (Nominal -6 dB) H 90 °
Coverage (Nominal -6 dB) V 50 °
System Power Handling (Continuous/Program/Peak) 400//1600 Watts
LF Transducer 15-inch EVS15-SF
HF Transducer 1.25-inch DH3/2010A
Crossover Frequency 1500 Hz
Nominal Impedance (Passive) 8 Ω
Minimum Impedance 6.5 Ω
Enclosure Material High Impact Polystyrene
Flying Yes
Outdoor No
Grill Polyester Powder Coated, 18GA Galvanized Steel
Height 686 mm (27.01")
Width 445 mm (17.52")
Depth 406 mm (15.98")
Weight Net 20.2 kg (44.53 lbs)

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